To conquer suicide in youth and young adults.


In the summer of 2012 Sarah-Ashley Andrews received news that her longtime friend committed suicide. In 2013, after much prayer Sarah-Ashley founded Dare 2 Hope. Dare 2 Hope is a 501c3 recognized Non-Profit organization dedicated to conquering suicide in youth and young adults..

Since the launch of Dare 2 Hope, Sarah-Ashley has helped to educate and bring awareness to suicide to over 3,500 people! 


We will fulfill our mission by:

  • Promoting Suicide Awareness and Prevention

  • Mental Health Education

  • Community Outreach

  • Sales of Apparel and Other Products


Dare 2 Hope Presentations

Topics discussed will include:

Defining Suicide

Causes/Risk Factors

Warning Signs

Anti Bullying

Protective Factors


  • Suicide prevention

  • Mental wellness

  • Anti Bullying

  • Conflict Resolution

iDare2Be School Program

6 Week Intensive Program

The purpose of the I Dare 2 Be school program is to educate at-risk students about living mentally well. To empower them with knowledge and critical thinking skills in order to lead successful lives, both academically and socially. To equip each student with the necessary tools to engage with others in a positive and productive manner. To be proactive at promoting positivity and success in their lives.

Weekly Topics:

  • Breaking the stigma of mental illness while promoting living mentally well.

  •  Anger Management/Self Control/Coping Skills                                                     

  • “My Future Matters” (Most at-risk youth struggle with seeing themselves in the future, this has a direct effect on behavior and academic success). 

  • Random Act of Kindness

  • Review/Final discussion/Celebration  

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